Spa Experience

Our wellness area offers you everything that the health-conscious guest's heart desires on a surface of 250 m²: wooden sauna, marble steam bath, thermal therapy loungers and a cozy relaxation room.

Take a seat on the heat therapy couches and enjoy the pleasant feeling of gentle radiant heat. For millions of years, every organism on earth has been focused on radiation or solar heat. Therefore, the radiant heat of the heat therapy couches is perceived as so beneficial. The gentle radiant heat dissolves cramps and tension, it relieves rheumatic complaints and obtains a harmonization in the entire organism.

At a pleasant temperature of 38 degrees and gentle light, body and mind take a soothing bath in our steam bath. Above all, the good compatibility of the combination of high humidity and radiant heat makes this so popular.

The sauna has an age-old tradition and is more modern than ever: health through body cleansing as well as strengthening the body's defenses, warmth for well-being and relaxation and many more aspects and therapy variations more convincing of the effect.

You can immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Orient. Our spa (nude area) is open to all guests over the age of 18.

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Let yourself be pampered with a massage with us. You can choose between classic massages, aroma massages, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture-meridian massages or a progressive muscle relaxation after Jakobsen ... there is something for everyone!