Spa Experience

Our wellness area offers you with 250 m² everything what health-conscious guests desire: wood sauna, steam bath, heated couches, snail showers, ice fountain, tee buffet and many more.

Take a seat on the heat treatment couches and enjoy the pleasant feeling of balmy radiant heat. Since millions of years every organism on this earth is in line with radiation- and solar heat. Therefore, it is also the radiant heat of the heat treatment couches  felt so soothing. The balmy radiant heat dissolces cramps and tension and relieve rheumatic disorders and obtain a harmonizaton in the whole organism.

The tradition of steam baths came with the oriental bath house Hamam from the Ottoman in our latitudes. At temperature of 38 degreed a a galmy ligth, body and mind take a refreshing bath.  Above all, the good tolerability of the combination of high humidity and radiant heat makes steam so popular.

The Sauna feature an ancient tradition and modern today as never before: health through body cleansing, strengthening the imemune system, heat for the well being and relaxation and many aspects and therapy variations convincing of the impact.  

The Chalet Hotel Leitenhof Spa Area is an oasis, where you can let your mind wander. Our SPA Area and FKK Area is only allowed for guests from 18 years.