Ski Rental Hansi's Sportshop

At just under 1,000 square meters Hansi's Sport Shop provides the ultimate and rentable winter fun. With nearly 1,000 pairs of skis, ski boots and at least the same amount of pair of seemingly not over-looking range of other wintersports you are well equipped for every winter plan. There is a wide selection of high-end winter sports equipment available for hire. - Whether the latest Racecarver with the patented "pilot technology", good-natured and easy driving Allroundcarver or freestyle projectiles for adrenaline junkies ... Latest Snowboards guarantee a single flow experience on the endless slopes of the ski world or in the Scheffauer -Back-Country. In the season 03/04 Hansi's Sport Shop was voted to the "Sports Shop of the Year".

Our guests get 5% Discount and Free Ski Depot in Hansi's Sport Shop.